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School Closures

As announced by the government all schools are closed from Friday 20th March until we are told differently.

Many schools are open to vulnerable children and children of key workers. 

Please note:  these pages do not have details of how each individual school is opening during this time, we have marked them all closed, but this does not apply to those categories previously mentioned.

For further clarification please contact your child's school or check local and national government advice.

Here is the Bucks Council's school closures page to check as well: closures.buckscc.gov.uk.

Any nurseries mentioned on here may also be operating differently than normal, we have presumed they're closed following the government's advice, but please contact them directly if you're unsure. 

Last Updated: 11:00am today.

1. Buckinghamshire

Updated: 12:00am today.

2. Bedfordshire

Updated: 12:00am today.

3. Hertfordshire

Updated: 12:00am today.

4. Oxfordshire

Updated: 12:00am today.