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Secret Sound

We have a winner!

Our first Secret Sound has been won! Congratulations to Mark Abrams in Wendover who correctly guessed it was an office chair going down. He wins £245.

There's another Secret Sound on air now.

We're going to give you three chances a day to guess what the sound is, get it right and the cash prize is yours. 

Even better - every time we get a wrong guess we put an extra £5 into the pot.


The wrong guesses:


A car engine
Sue from Southcourt

A tape gun sealing a box
Richard from Tring

Sticky tape coming off a box

Shrink wrap being wrapped around a pallet truck

Squirty cream coming out of a can.

Ripping paper

An aerosol can
Jenny from Aylesbury

Patio doors closing

Fruit and veg going through a juicer
Karen in Aylesbury

A wiper blade going over a frozen windscreen
Dave from Aylesbury

A paper guillotine

Brown parcel tape dispsener sealing a box
Liz parked up in Chinnor

The sound a tablet makes when it sends a message
Roz from Aylesbury

A sliding door on a car

A black cab moving off
Morad from Aylesbury

A car driving into a puddle
Victoria from Aylesbury

Removing a plastic film from a food container

Cash being dispensed from cash machine
Terry from Bedgrove

A roll of sellotape being undone
Jo from Aylesbury


In addition to Mix96's standard terms and conditions, Secret Sound has the following terms:

  • One caller per play, Monday to Friday, will be put to air to try and guess our mystery sound at around 7:20, 12:20, 16:20.
  • Every caller will be picked at random, but in the interest of fair play, contestants may only participate in the competition once per day.
  • On-air play with this competition is strictly by telephone. Emails or texts will be accepted as a way to volunteer to play on an occasional basis at the discretion of the presenter.
  • The prize value will be raised by £5 per incorrect guess, the prize value you are playing for will be announced before the phone lines are opened.
  • Mix96 reserves the right to adjust the game in any way (except for the rules of play) during game play at anytime in the competition. For example we may choose to increase the value of each incorrect guess. We may instantly and without notice 'Jackpot' the prize fund to a higher amount and even decrease the prize fund by a set amount each play in return for a clue to the answer.
  • Any change in the mechanics of the game will be detailed on this webpage.
  • The prize payout will be paid by cheque within 4 weeks of winning.