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Wes Goes Sober For October

Wes is going sober for a month! 

"So I'm giving up alcohol for October. Why?, I hear you ask.  Well to be honest it's an experiment as much as anything.  I'm 38 years old and I haven't gone without a drink for a month since I was 18, thats 20 years !!!"

Things I'm looking forward to;

  • Not having a hangover, I hate them and as I've got older they seem to be more moody than ever.
  • Feeling generally healthier, I would say drinking is my worst vice in terms of health.
  • Saving money, heading out for some drinks with friends isn't the cheapest thing in the world anymore. 

Things I'm Not looking forward to;

  • Missing the first drink of the weekend, it always marks the start of the weekend for me.  
  • The pub, I love the atmosphere of pubs and the company of others, but I'm worried that not drinking will take the shine off the social experience.
  • Red wine with a  roast diner, its one of my favourite things in the world.

Sober for October