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Street of the week

Every Tuesday, Darren & Katy from the Breakfast Show will visit a street somewhere in Buckinghamshire. They'll be popping into local businesses, chatting to residents and asking about the big issues on your street. 

Here you can view pictures and listen again to the people we meet on Street of The Week!

A year later, we took another trip back to Fairford Leys, quite a lot of change and lots of talk on HS2...


Darren & Katy caught up with some of the locals on Main Street, Weston Turville...

Darren & Katy braved the cold and headed out to Tring to show it some love!

Darren & Katy headed out in the snow to take a revisit to Buckingham Street, Aylesbury!

They visited the beautiful Watermead last year, now hear what happened when Darren and Katy revisited Ayleswater Road: 

It might have been an icy cold day but Darren and Katy wrapped up and headed out to Hampden Gardens: 

After a year of Street of The Week visit, Darren and Katy made a return to Parton Road, Aylesbury: 

It's our first visit of 2015! We took a short drive to Smeaton Close in Fairford Leys and caught up with the businesses at the Space Centre:

Meet the people Darren & Katy caught up with on their travels down Elmhurst Road

We went back! Here's what the lovely people of Long Crendon had to say: 
Something went a bit wrong... we didn't get any interviews on tape but here's what we had to say about all the lovely people we met!

Here's our Darren & Katy on a High Street adventure in Whitchurch!

Darren spent some time on Cambridge Street, Aylesbury and even found out about a man who gives out Free Hugs!

Katy got serenaded whilst out on Street of The Week... take a listen below!

Darren and Katy headed over to Halton and caught up with some really lovely residents and business owners about life on the Tring Road, Halton.

The sun was shining and Darren & Katy took a mosey on down to Main Street Weston Turville to see what was going on...

Darren and Katy went to Duck Farm Court off of Station Way, Aylesbury. Katy was giddy with excitement for the majority of their visit... find out why:

Darren And Katy took a short drive to Southern Street off of Bicester Road, Aylesbury this week. Conveniently Darren discovered a pub and brewery...!!


Katy spent time on the High Street, Wendover this week and it all got a bit girlie... (sorry about that!)


Listen to the people Darren & Katy caught up with whilst down at Stocklake:


It was another sunny day across Bucks as Darren and Katy made their way to High Street, Princes Risborough which was cramed full of local businesses of all things sweet and nice!


Darren & Katy were back on Street Of The Week yesterday after last weeks Lovin' Your High Street. They went to visit businesses at The Triangle Business Park on Quilters Way, Stoke Mandeville.


Darren and Katy devoted a week of Outside Broadcasts and called it 'Lovin' Your High Street'! After weeks of hearing the expression - 'Use Us or Lose Us' whilst on SOTW they decided they wanted to dedicate some more time to supporting and raising the profile of local businesses across Bucks.


It was a lovely sunny day for our visit yesterday and so many places to visit that we'll have to pop back again soon! Have a listen to those we did manage to catch up with, below:


Darren took a hop, skip and a jump to Temple Street on Tuesday to chat with the business owners along the street of this older part of Aylesbury Town Centre.


Darren & Katy spent some time with Ian Morris & Samantha Hornsby who are the Operations Manager and Chief Executive of The Healthy Living Centre about the rejeneration of Walton Court:


For an extended Podcast of our SOTW please click below:


Darren & Katy took a drive to Thame Street, Haddenham to explore some village life!

We had a lovely time in Great Missenden, swishwifflinglyscrumdiddlyumptious, some might say! Here's what we got up to:

After a couple of weeks away, Darren & Katy made their return to Street of The Week, visiting Jansel Square, Bedgrove where the hot gossip topic came in the form of Sainsbury's...

This week took Darren & Katy to Jubilee Square, Buckingham Park... 

Well it seems Katy has decided she now wants to live in Tring... let's find out why!

It was the day of the mix96 Aylesbury Pancake Race so we chatted to some of the contestants that were there, racing and cheering to get their thoughts on Aylesbury Town Centre as a whole:

Hear what happened when Darren and Katy took a short walk from the studio to Buckingham Street:

This week's Street of The Week saw Darren & Katy venture to Waddesdon - let's find out who they caught up with whilst they were there:

It was a nippy old morning, but Darren & Katy were in great company! Find out what they got up to here:

 Darren & Katy took a trip to beautiful Watermead. Great weather for ducks, not so much for the local residents with the flooding that’s been there since the beginning of the year! Click here to find out more:

Darren & Katy took a short drive to Princes Risborough - which seems to be the celeb town of Bucks by all accounts!

Find out what happened when Darren and Katy caught up with the residents and businesses of Pound Street 

Hear what went on when Darren and Katy visited Walton Road:

Hear what happened on Parton Rd: