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Mix96 has asked Champneys Beauty College to answer some of the more commonly asked  beauty questions.

Below is a list of  all the questions you ever wanted to know and some tips and tricks to keep yourself looking and feeling great:


A bit about... Champneys Beauty College

Champneys Beauty College

Is Beauty your passion but you don’t know how to turn it into your livelihood? Many Mums struggle to find a career that fits around school hours and holidays.

The New Horizons course at Champneys College incorporates accredited qualifications in beauty and massage completed in just 8 months in school hours.

It is challenging but incredibly rewarding, taught to Champneys’ high standards in the beautiful grounds of the health spa at Tring.

 We are enrolling for a late September start. Flexible training leading into a versatile profession. Find out more at

Head massage

What would you recommend to help me de-stress? I’m a mum with two kids and struggle to unwind. My shoulders and neck constantly ache.

You can do simple self massage techniques to work on the head, neck and shoulders.

Doing something as simple as rolling a tennis ball on the achy muscles relieve discomfort. Relieve tension in the scalp by doing a firm shampooing action using both hands over the entire scalp from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

Just a few minutes will help you relax and encourage better sleeping patterns. Or, find a babysitter and visit your local salon for a massage or Indian Head Massage.



Champneys Beauty College


My foundation always seems to be sliding off in the hot weather. How can I make it last?

At this time of year you can exchange your foundation for a tinted moisturiser with SPF for a more natural look.

To set a perfect make-up, especially for a special occasion during hot weather you should always provide a good base for your foundation by applying a good primer first. Then use a pressed or loose powder to make it last longer.

You can purchase setting sprays which are sweat and tear proof to ensure a long-lasting matt finish. And don’t forget your waterproof mascara on hot days and weddings!


Champneys Beauty College

Over the summer holidays my skin needs some TLC.

Ensure you cleanse your skin daily to remove pollutants, sweat and makeup.

You can improve the health of your skin by drinking plenty of water and having a healthy diet.

Give yourself a weekly home facial – allocate yourself some me time, exfoliate, massage in some nutrient rich cream or oil and finish with a luxurious mask and a ten minutes snooze.

Cucumbers really are good for the eyes and you can apply slices while your mask is on for eye bags or puffiness. For more complex skin needs or advice on beauty products, visit your local beauty salon.  



I do look after myself but in sandals my feet look neglected.

Feet work really hard carrying us around all day but are often overlooked in our daily routines.

To give your feet a home pedicure:

Spend the time to soak your feet first to soften any hard skin which can be removed using a foot file or rasp, file your toenails square for a professional look, include them when you apply your body lotion or cream, massage the arches, push back the cuticles, be bold with varnish colours and ensure you apply top coat for a lasting glossy finish.

This will give you a spring in your step when your feet are on show in your summer sandals.