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5 top tips to find your perfect wedding photographer

Planning your big day? Want to make sure you've got the perfect photographer to record the magic?

Mix96 has teamed up with Marcus Charter Wedding Photography to give you 5 top tips on finding YOUR perfect photographer.

Watch the video to find out more as Wes chats to Marcus:

Marcus' top tips to find your perfect wedding photographer

1. Check their portfolio

Photographers all have a portfolio showing their photos, whether it's on their website, social media or you might even see a friends wedding photos. The important thing is to see if they can show real wedding stories, which will give you an idea of how they'll capture your big day. It's also worth checking their photos from different weddings, different venues and different weather, just to make sure they're consistent!

2. They need to be professional

When you're chatting to them, are they professional? It's not just about the day, it's making sure you get on with them in the run up, the planning and the images you'll get afterwards. On the day they need to be courteous, subtle but most of all, they need to be able to make you relaxed so you can get on with marrying the person of your dreams!

3. Budgets

Weddings cost money, so you'll be thinking about the cost of venues, dresses, cars, food etc.  There's a big range of cost in photographers so you might find that the ones that will give you the photos you want cost a bit more. But remember once your big day has gone, it's the photos that will stay around and give you the memories so it may be worth moving your budget around!

4. Make sure your photographer has your style.

Every photographer will give you images in a certain style, are they going to shoot in a photo-journalistic style? A fine-art style? A documentary style? Also how will they process the images? Will they be bright? dark? grungey? black and white? Whatever it is make sure it suits your wedding. 

5. Trust - it's really important.

Once you've checked their portfolio, their style and everything fits the question to ask yourself is do you trust the photographer? Do you trust them to capture your big day? Do you trust them with your money? Ultimately you'll have a gut feeling when you talk to them and when you talk about them, if you haven't got it, wait and chat to a few other people.

The most important thing is to choose a photographer who will deliver what you want and that you'll feel comfortable with on your big day.

Good luck and congratulations!

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