Frog Tadpole Balance Bike

Prize for Wed 10th Dec:

Frog Tadpole Balance Bike

Donated by The Little Bike Company

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A Frog Tadpole balance bike retails at £100 and is aimed at 2-4 year olds. It's the best way to introduce children to cycling!

Balance bikes teach kids the first skill in cycling - balance, so doing away with the need for stabilisers.

You can choose from the colours red, orange, purple or spotty (dependent upon availability).

The Little Bike Company specialises in selling lightweight bikes for children. We aim to help more kids have more fun on a bike. We showcase the best kids' bikes we can find to achieve that aim. We have also sourced a range of children's specific cycle clothing and helmets, plus accessories to enhance the bikes or just keep them rolling!

Little Bike Company, Unit 11 Canalside, Northbridge Road, Berkhamsted

The prize value is not transferable to any other product.