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Three weeks of temporary traffic lights on A41
Local - 6:24am 16th April 2018
They'll be in place at Fleet Marston because of HS2 work.
Meeting over HS2 impact on River Chess
Local - 8:06am 20th March 2018
It could result in the loss of these rare, iconic rivers and the habitat and wildlife they support.
Aylesbury MP says HS2 'must be better' at talking to people affected
Local - 5:50am 28th February 2018
David Lidington has made the call as investigation works get underway along the route.
Bucks MP calls for HS2 to be scrapped after Carillion collapse
Local - 10:43am 16th January 2018
Dame Cheryl Gillan says now is the time to stop the project.
Fund to help woodlands affected by HS2
Local - 7:21am 10th November 2017
£5m has been announced by the government for woodland along the route.
HS2 could lead to new family attraction for Aylesbury
Local - 5:48am 7th November 2017
A farm in Stoke Mandeville could be transformed by this new idea.
Ground investigations for HS2 begin in Bucks
Local - 5:43am 1st September 2017
Teams are digging up dirt between Wendover and Stoke Mandeville.
MP calls for inquiry after HS2 contractor pulls out
Local - 10:48am 31st March 2017
Cheryl Gillan made the call during a committee sitting yesterday
MP defends not voting on HS2
Local - 5:45am 13th March 2017
David Lidington says it's meant he can make changes within government
MP asking again for Bucks HS2 station
Local - 2:03pm 24th February 2017
David Lidington told us HS2 is now about capacity, not speed, so a station here could work.
Most people don't think HS2 will benefit them
Local - 10:38am 20th February 2017
That's according to the Tax Payer's Alliance on the day parliament votes for the last time on Phase 1 through Bucks.
Wendover HS2 tunnel 'would save £750m over other options'
Local - 11:33am 10th February 2017
That's according to a new report, which was paid for by The Wendover Society
Aylesbury MP 'disappointed' with latest HS2 report
Local - 5:50am 9th January 2017
Mr Lidington said he would continue to support his constituents throughout HS2 development.
HS2 gives Bucks more promises
Local - 6:18am 1st November 2016
They've said they'll spend £100,000s on different traffic and pedestrian schemes, after County Council negotiations
Money From HS2 Fund "Insultingly Low"
Local - 12:17pm 17th October 2016
HS2 maybe ripping through the heart of Bucks, but the Government IS going to give us some money to help, the bad news is the amount.
HS2 Break Promises By Ripping Up Hedges & Using Small Roads
Local - 5:47am 5th October 2016
Aylesbury locals have complained HS2 contractors are not sticking to the proposed plan for building works.
Almost £12 Million Spent On Legal Fees For HS2
Local - 6:11am 9th September 2016
The MP for Chesham and Amersham asked how much money the government had spent on legal fees for HS2
HS2: 'It's Stolen My Time & Things I'd Promised Myself For 40 Years'
Local - 5:51am 1st August 2016
Stan Mason is 79 and has been fighting the High Speed route for over 6 years. We wanted to see how that's affected him
Local - 5:53am 29th July 2016
That's the call from the Taxpayers Alliance, which is certain to be well received in Buckinghamshire.
Council Wants More Compensation Promises From HS2
Local - 6:18am 11th July 2016
The County Council say they're not done asking and already have ideas for when they go to the House of Lords later this year.
HS2 2026 Deadline 'At Risk' Says New Report
Local - 6:53am 28th June 2016
Questions are also being raised about the project's value for money this morning by the National Audit Office
"We Will Continue To Fight" - Say HS2 Campaigners in Aylesbury
Local - 5:39am 11th May 2016
Campaign groups in Bucks have received letters in the post challenging their right to fight the project.
Time Ticking To Tell House Of Lords Your Views On HS2
Local - 8:00am 2nd April 2016
Campaigners and homeowners affected by HS2 are being urged to let the House of Lords know what they think NOW.
HS2 Bill Gets Third Reading In The Commons
Local - 5:45am 23rd March 2016
Buckinghamshire's MPS are feeling a bit more confident ahead of HS2 being talked about again in the House of Commons today, according to Aylesbury MP
HS2 Action Alliance Take Case To UN
Local - 5:39am 10th March 2016
In Geneva, the Aarhus Convention will hear from HS2 Action Alliance, who say not enough's been done to assess the impact the line could have on the environment.
HS2 Ltd Visit Aylesbury Today
Local - 10:32am 23rd February 2016
They're at the Methodist Church on Buckingham Street from 2 until 8pm, answering questions and talking about how the high-speed line project is going.
£150k HS2 Cash Will Look At Aylesbury Traffic Pressures
Local - 6:21am 1st February 2016
Worries about a new bypass around Stoke Mandeville built by HS2 will be looked into. It would take traffic from the A4010 onto Lower Road, including construction traffic for the line.
MP In Front Of HS2 Committee Again
Local - 9:40am 28th January 2016
MP Cheryl Gillan's in front of the High Speed Rail committee, talking some more about the effect the line could have on Bucks.
Aylesbury MP In Front Of HS2 Committee Again
Local - 2:39pm 26th January 2016
MP David Lidington's back in front of the High Speed Rail committee this afternoon, after talking about Wendover last time round.
HS2 Agree A Better Deal For Bucks
Local - 4:14pm 22nd January 2016
HS2 Limited have agreed more money and mitigation for Buckinghamshire
HS2 Complaints Report Welcomed By MP
Local - 12:45pm 1st December 2015
HS2 Limited apparently got their figures covering construction traffic impact on the A413 wrong, saying there would be a queue of 2 cars at peak times, but it would actually be over 90.
MPs Repeat Call For Longer HS2 Tunnel
Local - 1:09pm 26th November 2015
Both David Lidington and Cheryl Gillan have asked to extend the plans through to Wendover, instead of having high embankments.
HS2 Visit Wendover Today
Local - 7:55am 7th November 2015
HS2 Limited are at the Wendover Memorial Hall, with experts there to talk about the latest plans for the route.
Bercow: HS2 Ltd. Seems To Have No Interest In Bucks' Communities
Local - 12:13pm 21st October 2015
Buckingham's MP John Bercow's had a rare chance to voice his constituent's worries in front of the committee looking at the high speed line.
Bucks Councils Latest Group In Front Of HS2 Committee
Local - 5:55am 13th October 2015
Three councils - Chiltern, Aylesbury Vale and the County Council - are telling the HS2 committee what needs to be done for people living near the line.
Bucks Campaigners Asking About HS2 Noise Issues
Local - 1:00pm 12th October 2015
HS2 Action Alliance argue that HS2 Limited aren't being clear enough on how they'll minimise the amount of noise the line will make.
Council Leaders Condemn HS2's Lack Of Community Engagement
Local - 5:52am 25th September 2015
The leaders of five Bucks Councils are condemning HS2 Limited over their lack of community engagement in the county.
Councillor 'Furious' Over AVDC's HS2 Road Plans
Local - 6:35am 14th September 2015
Fairford Leys Councillor Steven Lambert's told us he's furious that the council didn't tell him about the road until just weeks before they both stand in front of Westminster's HS2 committee.
HS2 Committee Touring Aylesbury Vale Today
Local - 6:22am 11th June 2015
People in Wendover and Aylesbury are hoping to show politicians just how much HS2 will affect where they live today. The Parliamentary committee looking at the High Speed Bill are visiting several sites around the area.
Postponed HS2 Meet 'Gives More Time To Protect Countryside'
Local - 6:35am 14th May 2015
Chesham and Amersham's MP says postponing the HS2 committee's visit gives them more time to protect areas of outstanding natural beauty
Disappointment As HS2 Visit Cancelled
Local - 11:02am 13th May 2015
The High Speed 2 Bill group were meant to be here for three days next week, but one of the MPs lost their seat at the election.

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